eAcademy District Information

Drastically reduce funding loss to cyber schools

Provide a full online curriculum to students

Improve 4-year graduation rates

Expand curricular offerings to students

High-Impact professional development for teacher and administrators

Boost technology integration in the classroom

Provide flexible scheduling opportunities to students

Fully integrate online learning into the school culture

Preparing Your District

The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit will provide your district with a comprehensive training package to ensure that all of your stakeholders are well informed about the program. We will assist your administrators in designing an implementation plan that meets your individual district needs. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with presentations to your school board, parents, and teachers, and prepare you to answer questions from parents and students. Your administrators have all of the control; we just help you bring the vision to life. In order for a shift in school culture to occur, school administrators need to be fully prepared to lead their district through the successful implementation of eAcademy. The WIUeAcademy administrator training conveys the vision for the program, the tools, resources, and impact on the district. The training will help administrators envision, plan for, and implement the eAcademy program on a level appropriate for the needs of their district. In addition, administrators will have an opportunity to view the impact of using Moodle to supplement the face-to-face classroom instruction and to provide professional development to faculty.

Far-Reaching Impact

By participating in the WIUeAcademy program, your district will be doing more than just offering online classes to students. Because this is a comprehensive program that will become ingrained in all aspects of the school, the impact is far-reaching. Districts can utilize the program for alternative education placement, home-bound students, and credit recovery. The potential to save money and increase student achievement in these areas is enormous!

Impact on the Classroom

Teachers who incorporate the tools and strategies from the WIUeAcademy program into their classrooms have finished their curriculum up to 9 weeks early! Students come to rely on Moodle access as a resource outside of the class, extending learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. They do everything from check homework, and review lessons for understanding, to access missed class materials, and discuss, in-depth, class topics. These tools and strategies have transformed the way we teach and the way students learn!

Fully-Integrated Support

Your students and teachers will benefit immensely from our full-time help desk support staff. Our friendly help desk assists with a full range of technical and pedagogical issues to provide your students and teachers with the highest level of satisfaction. Teachers can work one-on-one with our trainer, who is a PA certified teacher, to design their course and address specific instructional questions related to online learning. Our knowledgeable staff will guide teachers toward a successful online course and teaching experience. Students can receive support for their technical questions at the touch of a button!

Teacher Training

Each district may train an unlimited number of teachers in our online course modules. In addition, we coordinate with districts to allow teachers to attend training days in person at the WIU to work on specific items as outlined by the teachers. The training was developed using research and expertise from iNACOL and leaders in the field of online learning. The training consists of pedagogy and assessment strategies for online teaching that demand higher-order thinking skills, best practices for communication and student engagement, as well as resources and tools to supplement and enhance instruction. Teachers will learn how to create rigorous lessons that address the needs of various learners and engage students in the content. In addition, they will learn how to use Moodle to supplement their instruction and extend learning beyond the classroom.