eAcademy District Information

Drastically reduce funding loss to cyber schools

Provide a full online curriculum to students

Improve 4-year graduation rates

Expand curricular offerings to students

High-Impact professional development for teacher and administrators

Boost technology integration in the classroom

Provide flexible scheduling opportunities to students

Fully integrate online learning into the school culture

What is eAcademy?

The purpose of the WIUeAcademy program is to provide local school districts with the ability to build the capacity to fully integrate online learning into their schools. WIUeAcademy is not a “cyber school,” rather, it is an online learning initiative that involves a comprehensive shift in the way we envision our public schools. As our world and the growing number of students enrolled in cyber schools have indicated, there is an undeniable need for all schools to embrace online learning as a viable option for students. We provide districts with the tools, knowledge, and guidance to integrate online learning on many different levels. Our goal is for each district to be able to offer the majority of their curriculum in both an online format and face-to face, resulting in an education system where students can move seamlessly between classroom and online courses. This gives districts the ability to provide students with the flexibility of online courses without leaving the district. Through the WIUeAcademy program, all district teachers will gain the required skills necessary to create and teach high-quality, rigorous and engaging online courses that are aligned to their district’s curriculum. The consortium of schools participating in the WIUeAcademy program allows for sharing of courses and resources, giving districts the opportunity to develop their online learning initiatives over time. The WIUeAcademy program can be customized to meet individual district needs to successfully carry them through the 21st century.