eAcademy District Information

Drastically reduce funding loss to cyber schools

Provide a full online curriculum to students

Improve 4-year graduation rates

Expand curricular offerings to students

High-Impact professional development for teacher and administrators

Boost technology integration in the classroom

Provide flexible scheduling opportunities to students

Fully integrate online learning into the school culture

1. Who pays the teachers to teach for the consortium?

The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit individually contracts with teachers to teach for the consortium. We pay teachers per student per course. Social Security and PSERS are included in the teachers' pay rates.

2. Does my district have to have teachers teaching for the consortium in order to enroll students?

No. Any member district can enroll students in online courses regardless of the number of teachers they have participating

3. Who oversees teachers?

The consortium has placed the WIU in charge of overseeing teachers in the consortium and the WIU has a principal position in place to guide teachers and ensure quality instruction. Teachers do not receive formal evaluations as part of Teacher Effectiveness because they are not subject to Act 82 as part of their role as a consortium teacher. However, teachers are given performance reviews to promote their growth and development as an online teacher.

4. Who oversees district students?

Your district is responsible for providing an Online Education Advisor who will serve as the point person for your district. He or she will be responsible for enrolling students, meeting with families to discuss the decision, monitoring student progress, communicating with teachers and the WIU.

5. What if my district has a different grading scale?

All grades are reported in the form of a percentage and your district can “convert” that percentage to a letter grade as necessary. eAcademy does NOT issue report cards. Your district will issue your online students report cards.

6. How is PIMS/PVAAS reported?

Each year, the WIU meets with PDE to determine how PIMS should be reported according to their changes, etc. Currently, the WIU reports teachers for HQT and students for the course enrollment template. There is no attribution of student scores to teachers through PVAAS.

7. What makes a teacher eligible to teach for the consortium?

Teachers must have successfully completed the online training through the WIU in order to teach for the consortium, be actively employed by a member school, and be certified in the content area in which they are teaching. Districts have the option to put a non-trained teacher in place to teach their students, but that teacher will not be eligible to teach for other districts.

8. What if my students do not have laptops or Internet service at home?

The WIU can provide your district with a laptop equipped with Verizon Wireless Internet service to distribute to your online students. The WIU will fully support and maintain that equipment and service on behalf of your district.