eAcademy Technology & Equipment

Easily and securely monitor student progress

View available courses and catalogs

Add and drop student classes

Create instant progress reports

Subscribe for automatic grade updates

Parent access for students

Optional LDAP connection to your districtís Active Directory or manual student upload

Easily create and manage your districtís Moodle courses for all teachers

Add brick and mortar students to class Moodle courses

Manage your equipment inventory

Laptops & Internet Services for Students

The eAcademy program wants all students to be fully equipped to learn in the online environment. Therefore, we provide districts with the option to lease laptops on a monthly basis for students. In addition, we also provide Verizon Wireless MiFi Internet connection to those students who need it. The Internet service is filtered according to CIPA regulations and provides students with Internet access anywhere there is a Verizon signal. In addition, we provide all students with a hand-held scanner to easily scan and upload written work.

Course Technology

All of our courses are offered through Moodle, an online course management system. Our Moodle installation is one of the largest in the country and has been specially designed and programmed to make learning engaging and seamless. Students do not need to worry about having special software or plugins to interact with the course material. Everything is housed directly in Moodle. Our courses have a consistent look and feel so navigation is a breeze. In addition, we have the ability to connect with your districtís Active Directory to make easy use of Moodle in and out of the classroom. We have enterprise level backups in place to ensure uninterrupted service to everyone.